1 Inch Binders

Check Out Our Wide Selection of 1 Inch Binders - Including 1 inch View Binders, Hanging Binders, and Half Sheet Binders

In the world of office and school supplies, binders have become our presentation method of choice – offering the ability to organize documents and data, hold important information, and present material in a clean and sophisticated manner. Binders may not be something to which we give much thought on a day to day basis but when we need them, we need them; and having them stocked and on hand is incredibly convenient. Unfortunately, shopping for binders, including 1 inch binders that tend to be the most used size of the group for their thin, sophisticated presentation value, tends to turn up less than stellar selection and high prices in traditional supply stores. Office Discount Club, however, offers low prices on a variety of supplies that are great for home, school, corporations, government organizations, and more. Consumers spend millions of dollars needlessly on office supplies each year through traditional purchasing methods; Office Discount Club offers an easy, convenient, and affordable alternative that will save you substantial money from year to year.

We invite you to browse our extensive selection of cheap binders – from 1 inch binders to 3 inch binders, 3 ring binders to 5 ring binders, in a variety of sizes and a host of colors that are appropriate for your project.

1 inch view binders
1 Inch  View Binders As Low As $1.39 Each
These 1 inch view binders offer a crystal-clear overlay on front, spine and back cover for customization. Interior two pockets store loose materials. Binder has concealed rivets and a matte nonglare material.
1 inch binder
1 Inch Reference Binders
As Low As $1.16 Each
This 1 inch binder model offers a suede-like finish vinyl sealed over stiff board. Pockets are inside front and back covers. Metal three-ring has double opening/closing boosters.
1 inch binder, flexible
1 Inch Flexible Binders
This 1 inch Recycled Presstex Ring Binder features 20 point genuine Pressboard and a grained long-lasting finish. Coated Pressboard is moisture-resistant. Three-ring metal rings have opening and closing triggers. Binder is made of at least 50 percent recycled material with at least 30 percent post-consumer material.

1 inch slant ring binder
1 Inch D-Ring Binders
As Low As $3.08 Each
This 1 inch binder offers a unique slanted ring, which is designed for maximum sheet capacity, is mounted on the back cover for visibility. Binder cover features fine quality, suede-finish virgin vinyl sealed over heavy board. Handy utility pocket inside front cover. Quality ring metals include double opening/closing boosters. Includes sheet lifters.
1 inch hanging binder
1 Inch Hanging Binders
As Low As $3.66 Each
This 1 inch binder is a heavy-duty, round-ring binder that delivers quality construction for lasting performance. Sturdy vinyl covers resist tears and cracks over time. Locking No-Gap round rings always stay aligned for easy page turning and keep pages from falling out. Inside cover pocket guards hold loose items securely with pocket lock. Spine has a label holder sleeve.
1 inch binder - half sheet size
1 Inch Half Sheet Binders
As Low As $1.57 Each
This 1 inch design custom ring binder features clear view covers and spine. Binder features exposed rivets and three-ring metals with opening and closing triggers. Handy horizontal pockets on the inside front and back covers provide extra document storage.


Versatility of 1 Inch Binders

No matter what style of binder you choose with Office Discount Club you will always be happy with the high quality. We may offer the lowest prices we can but that does not mean that we sacrifice quality in any way. In fact, the hallmarks of our company are providing low prices, high quality, and excellent service.

In choosing 1 inch binders you are choosing from among the thinnest of the binders - but still sturdy enough to hold substantial materials. Some purposes for which 1 inch binders would easily fit the bill include:


  • School projects. Rather than handing in an assignment that has been simply printed and stapled, why not organize it in 1 inch binders? Our clear view binders make presentations a snap with the ability to slip in a cover page on the front of the binder, and binder sleeves can hold addendum information.
  • Conference materials. If you’re holding an upcoming event where attendees will be given an itinerary and a host of informational materials, use 1 inch binders to create an organized and professional conference booklet.
  • Corporate presentations. Whether you are pitching new business or explaining a new product, use 1 inch binders to hold leave-behind information for your audience.
  • Training booklets. By organizing training materials in 1 inch binders you will always have convenient and accessible training materials for employees old and new.

Thank you for choosing Office Discount Club for your supply needs. We invite you to browse through our selection of 1 inch binders, as well as the variety of other supplies that we offer. We look forward to working with you and we are confident that you will find our selection to be extensive, our prices to be affordable, and our service to be top notch.


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